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In addition to the internet, here at John Dennis Estate Agents in Hedon we think we’re pretty good at the other aspects of the home-selling and letting process. For instance, check out our property sales particulars which, we think you will agree, are of a very high quality. We include room layout plans (the best in the local market we believe) plenty of internal and external pictures, and for the larger, distinctive homes a neighbourhood and location map to ensure buyers can find your home without any problem.

The market for residential property is constantly changing and the secret of success is to price your home sensibly, taking account of the current state of affairs. Over-pricing in a quiet market can kill off your chances of attracting meaningful viewings, let alone achieving a sale. On the other hand of course when the market is ‘on the up’ a local agent with the sort of experience we have of selling homes in our area can advise you just where to pitch the price of the property to ensure you get the best possible price.

You only have one chance and you need to make sure you don’t miss it by pricing yourself out of the market.

We will of course be very happy to provide you with the type of advice you need. Click appraisal for details of what to do next.

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